Rok Ljubič started suffering from misterious disease 14 years ago. Soon, 2 or 3 years after extensive set of diagnostic procedures without answer, he realised he is probably going to face an extraordinary challenge. He started studying medical literature all the way up to the point where he was able to sucessfully cooperate with world's best experts in the field of medicine. Together they designed an appropriate surgery, but unfortunately too late - the disease has already taken its toll. Rok died on 9th June 2017.

Eventhough he was suffering from debilitating disease, Rok has even been able to write a scientific article, that describes the path of more than 14 years of researching all the way to where unique pathophysiology was uncovered and interpreted. It was Rok's extraordinary wish to share his inspirational story, his knowledge and empathy throughout the worldwide medical community and general public with myriads of unfortunate chronic sufferers, who are desperately looking for help and are too often misunderstood and mistreated. He was recognised as unstoppable fighter and if his work will bring at least some piece into a puzzle of any chronic sufferer, than his dream will finally come true.

Scientific article

available to public

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"Rok Ljubic contributes a great deal by his work to popularize the symptoms and diagnostic possibilities for these diseases."

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Thomas Scholbach

Paediatrician and ultrasound specialist

Practice Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Scholbach, Leipzig

"It is my opinion that he would make an outstanding physician..."

Assoc. Clin. Prof. Jerome M. Weiss MD

Specialist of Urology

University of California, San Francisco

"His studying and methods he was using for his treatment, often exceeded the scale, known as a norm in medicine."

Klemen Aleš Pilih MD

Specialist Registrar of General Surgery

General hospital Slovenj Gradec

"I believe that you have an outstanding understanding of the literature and have contacted the world's experts on your condition."

Prof. Stephen E. DiCarlo, PhD

Professor in the Department of Physiology

Wayne State University

"His knowledge is exceptional ... Such a person I would much appreciate as a co-worker in my team"

Assist. Clin. Prof. Dr. Jelka Lindič MD

Specialist of Nephrology

University Medical Centre Ljubljana

"he has got an extraordinary gift for studying physiology and pathophysiology of chronic visceral pain conditions."

Primarius dr. Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč MD

Specialist of anaesthesiology and reanimatology

University Medical Centre Maribor

"He knows more about his pain mechanisms and diagnosis of pain than the average doctor!"

Emeritus Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Chu MD

Specialist of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

University of Pennsylvania Medical School

"I agree with most of your thoughts - and need to congratulate you on the detail you have assimilated and interpreted to your situation. Unbelievable!"

Dr. Anton Emmanuel

Senior Lecturer in Neuro-Gastroenterology Unit

University College London

"His knowledge of this medical specialty is simply unbelievable for non-formaly medically educated person."

Primarius Dr. Gorazd Požlep MD

Specialist of Anaesthesiology

University Medical Centre Ljubljana

"Your knowledge in neuro physiology is very very impressive."

Simon Voitanik MD, PhD

Specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Salt Lake City University

"You have provided a very good discussion about the scientific understanding of your health problems. I must congratulate you."

Prof. Dr. Robert D. Foreman PhD

Research Professor of physiology

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

"he gained an astonishing level of knowledge, remained an optimist, with a constant wish of helping himself and also others as much as possible."

Assist. Clin. Prof. Dr. Borut Škodlar MD

Specialist of Psychiatry

University Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana

"he had proved to be very mature, studious and able of critical thinking."

Assist. Clin. Prof. dr. Rado Janša MD

Specialist of Gastroenterology

University Medical Centre Ljubljana


In 2011 Rok was invited to speak about his view on the topic of chronic pain at the international conference (The societal impact of pain) held at the National Council of Republic of Slovenia by the President of the Slovenian association for pain treatment Primarius Dr. Gorazd Požlep MD and by Primarius Dr. Nevenka Krčevski Škvarč MD.

Rok has spoken as a patient with long history of such disease, but also as an expert of this field which he has became since he devoted his absolute life in order to stop the progression of his debilitating disease.